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Spread Your Knowledge as a Yoga Teacher

If you are just starting to consider this career pathway, then you may be wondering how to decide if you should become a yoga teacher. While this career may not be right for everyone, if you are excited to share your love of yoga and serenity with others then it might be the right fit for you. There are many reasons why becoming a yoga teacher is a great idea. Whether you dream of leading a local yoga class or helping teach advanced yoga at a yoga workshop, you may find that becoming a certified instructor is exactly what you've been after.

Help Change Lives

People are typically drawn to practice yoga, whether it's a class at Yoga By Robin or an online course, because of a desire to change. They might wish to physically improve their bodies or they might be seeking to relieve stress and achieve a more serene mind set. Ask someone with a yoga certification, you will be in a perfect position to help assist in transforming people's lives.

Whether someone is pursuing beginner or advanced yoga, as their teacher, you will be an integral part of student's learning and growth. Any yogi that is drawn to helping others will usually make a great yoga instructor due to this simple fact. If you have more questions about how a yoga teacher helps make positive change for others, just ask one of our Yoga By Robin instructors and they can tell you -- it’s a rewarding way of life!

Earn Competitive Pay

A certified yoga instructor is capable of earning a full time income that will help support his or her life. Instructors are able to use their training in a number of ways to earn a steady income. Below are some of the most popular ways that a Marlton yogi can use yoga training to earn an income:

  • Teaching a local yoga class
  • Leading specific workshops
  • Teaching private classes
  • Offering online instruction
  • Selling books and online material

Rates for each of these methods will vary depending on your experience. However, savvy yoga teachers with a valid yoga certification are usually able to earn however much they require with these methods.

Improve Your Own Yoga Practice

You will drastically improve your own yoga practice as a part of your yoga certification. You will learn each asana completely. You will learn advanced yoga poses and new breathing techniques. You will learn even more when you continue to attend a local yoga class!