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Types of Yoga

This YOGAMIX class gives breath and flow to the twelve postures of yoga. You will become familiar with each movement as you extend or stretch, and exhale as you fold or contract. This YOGAMIX builds strength and increases flexibility in your body. There is a mental awakening with this type of yoga. This class is ideal for the early riser or a before work stress releaser. YOGAMIX class is for you if you are a student with high energy that needs to learn to relax.

Spiritual Yoga is a type of yoga is holds poses over long periods versus moving quickly from one pose to the next (flow). It integrates the inside and outside of your world through postures.  This class will explore meditation/yoga for you and how it change your perceptions. Meditation is an integral part of this yoga. This yoga class uses yoga blankets, blocks and straps to align the body.

Meditation Class is usually passive or receptive for you. The best intentions are from the heart or the center of our being. Our bodies move through yoga lovingly to create insight and understanding for others in the world community. Mediation brings visualization of healing through hearing and feeling through one to others in the world. Yoga postures take on a new meaning as well as visualization through the heart to the spirit. Meditation gives clear thought, vision, and renewed spirit. Mindful breathing brings one back to center where there is a feeling of stillness, peace and joy. Come one, come all.

This yoga class will have you touch the surface of your love to stir the depths of the soul. Partnership is based on open communication and trust. You move through postures which takes focus and motivation. It takes laughter and play for partnership on and off the mat.

Yoga Flow for Men and Women Most studios frame class offerings in the perspective of a yoga flow style. Robin combines different types of yoga like Iyengar Yoga which yoga focuses on precision of physical alignment, and perfection of posture.” It is also characterized by its use of props, such as belts, cushions, straps, blocks and benches as aids in performing the positions. This popular style of yoga often emphasizes holding poses over long periods, stressing the development of flexibility, strength, stamina, balance and concentration.” All level is welcome. This class is for intermediate and advanced levels.