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Meet Our Instructors

Robin H. Soll
Registered Yoga Teacher (ERYT, 200)

Phone: (609) 440-0824
email: robin@robinsollyoga.com

Robin began her Yoga study in the 1970’s while spending a year in Israel and is still a student to this day. Robin trains periodically at various Yoga institutions. She received her certification training in 2007-2008 and is a member of the National Yoga Alliance (NYA). Since becoming certified she has completed about 4,000 hours of teaching.

Robin trained with Flossie Park an outstanding ERYT-500 who instilled guidance and Yoga teaching that was invaluable to Robin’s understanding of the Yoga practice. Yoga by Robin carries this knowledge and gives it freely to her students.

Robin is involved with many Mind, Body, and Spirit Expos locally and in the Philadelphia area. Robin has taught at a number of Martial Arts and Dance Studios throughout the Southern New Jersey area. She is currently expanding Yoga by Robin into the non-profit area to help the larger community by partnering with non-profit organizations to bridge the gap for their clients to relax, flex, and strengthen their body and mind. Her classes are interactive and fun!

Colleen McCleery MD FACOG
Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT, 200)

Dr. McCleery came to Yoga over 12 years ago. She started with a power Yoga teacher in her son’s karate studio. Colleen was hooked immediately. She found Yoga by Robin over 5 years ago when she couldn’t find her original teacher  as she had moved around a lot. Colleen kept up my home practice all along. She learned to meditate in 2007 from a gentleman whom studied with Tibetan monks for 10 years. She incorporated the meditation into her practice. The Universe really opened up for her and also collided at the same time when she began Yoga teacher training. She didn’t know how much it would affect her life and how she know sees the world, people and the Universe at large completely differently. Colleen plans to teach power/ athletic Yoga but feels that she can teach at all levels as necessary. Her passion and her home practice is for power Yoga, pranayama (breathe work) and deep meditation. She has even brought Yoga into her medical practice in many many ways. Colleen is so excited to share all her knowledge, wisdom, passion, compassion, and unconditional love with the Yoga community here at Yoga by Robin and beyond.

Rose Saunders
Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT, 200)

email: rose.saunders24@yahoo.com

Rose’s path to becoming a Yoga Instructor came about as a result of a series of  “coincidences”.  After managing a dental office for 20 years she found herself unemployed and wondering what to do next in life.  Rose had always been involved in fitness throughout her life. She participated in sports while in high school. She took dance aerobics classes for over 20 years as a way of maintaining her fitness and also to reduce the stresses of working and running a household of 5. At the encouragement of her yoga/pilates instructor, Rose obtained a certification from AFFA as a fitness instructor. She began teaching water aerobics at several senior citizen/adult centers.  She also took over teaching a yoga/pilates class for Bancroft School employees when the instructor moved from the area.  The employees she was instructing at Bancroft asked Rose to develop a fitness/movement program for the mentally challenged students at Bancroft.  She continues teaching both of these programs at Bancroft today.

This prompted Rose to enroll in a 200 hour yoga teacher certification program and as of June 2014 she is RYT certified having successfully completed the teaching program offered at Yoga by Robin.  
Rose has always been a proponent of “healthy living” through diet and exercise, and believes Yoga offers the third aspect of living a healthy life, which is spirituality.  She is knowledgeable in Qigong and has 3 years experience in Yang Style Tai Chi.

Rose also enjoys doing Angel Card Readings.  “I believe in angels and that they are with us always and want to help us.”  Rose started doing Angel Card Readings for lighthearted fun but realized after many positive responses to her readings, that the readings always gave insight to those who asked for it.  She sees herself as the catalyst for the interaction between the angels and those seeking answers from them.  Rose believes  “The angels are here to guide us”.

Christine Decker
Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT, 200)

email: deckernest1@gmail.com

Christine earned her RYT-200 after practicing Yoga for the last four years. The emphasis of her teaching is releasing stress through Yoga. Her classes focus on using breath-work, asanas, and mindfulness to restore balance to busy lives. She loves music and laughter and tries to incorporate some of those elements into her classes. She believes that Yoga should be relaxing and fun and a way to bring people together. She has found a home at Yoga by Robin and the teachers and students there have a special place in her heart.

Lorraine Durso
Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT, 200)

email: ldurso89@comcast.net

Lorraine recently received her RYT 200 and is thrilled.  She has been practicing yoga for the past 20 years.  Yoga is her passion and now a way of life for her.  Meditation and Pranayama has made such an impact on her physical, mental and spiritual life that she wants to share it with everyone. Lorraine received her certification as a Holistic Health Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in 2013 and has cofounded an online health program VivaciousU with her fellow IIN student Dr. Veronica Lynch. Lorraine has been into health and fitness since she was 16 years old and has run 2 marathons, 3 half marathons and 15 Broad Street Runs.  She came in 3rd place at the 2003 distance run 1-mile race.  She has worked with a friend in a HOPE program that led to a Tedx Penn 2016 presentation on Hope in a Hopeless situation. She headed a nutrition program for a camp for children with Autism for 5years.  She enjoys organic gardening and cooking with her Tower Garden and is a volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House and St. Mary’s Church in Cherry Hill.  Her desire is to help people become healthier and more peaceful through nutrition and a positive attitude.  To teach individuals the profound benefits of yoga through asanas, pranayama and meditation to enhance their physical, mental and spiritual life.

Fatma Akrout
Registered Yoga Teacher (ERYT, 200)

email: hakrout@yahoo.com

Born in 1957 in Tunisia (North Africa), Fatma went to law school and became a lawyer in 1982.  She immigrated to the United States in 1986.  After raising two boys, she integrated her Yoga teacher training program at the Yoga Center Of Medford and received her certification in January 2007. Fatma is a member of The National Yoga Alliances well as certified to teach Yoga for pregnant women.  In addition to Yoga, Fatma has been trained to practice Thai massage and is hoping to bring Thai massage to Yoga by Robin.

Jennifer Sewell
Registered Yoga Teacher (ERYT, 200)

email: flyersphamily4@gmail.com

As a licensed physical therapist for 22 years and a practicing yogi for 20 years, Jennifer brings a blend of expertise in movement and a passion for cultivating a better boy-mind connection. Her professional goal has always been to teach practices in wellness so people can live the healthiest life possible. Becoming a yoga instructor naturally fit into that vision. Her teaching style incorporates hands on assists, which have been integral in teaching safe movement patterns for both injury recovery and prevention. Jennifer lives with her husband and 2 children; she enjoys gardening, reading, sporting events, and spending time with her family.

Maithreyi Dravida
Registered Yoga Teacher (ERYT, 200)

email: maithreyid@yahoo.com

Maithreyi learnt yoga in an ashram in India 30 years ago. After practicing yoga intermittently for many years, Maithreyi decided to get her RYT-200 certification in 2018 and is a member of the National Yoga Alliance (NYA). Maithreyi loves to constantly learn and innovate with the various postures. Maithreyi trained with Robin Soll who infused confidence and gave her the path and understanding of the various nuances of practicing and teaching yoga. She is passionate about passing this knowledge and make a positive impact on people’s lives.

Maithreyi went through a couple of life changing events in 2000 that made her look at life in a more spiritual and holistic way. Yoga has been a true savior for her to balance the body, mind and spirit connection. Maithreyi believes in encouraging everyone to toward their potential in physical postures while stressing upon that fact that yoga transcends the physical realm into a holistic view including the mind and the spirit. Her yoga classes include meditation and breathing techniques(pranayama) to balance our chakras and connect our body, mind and spirit. Her goal in life is to help everyone achieve the optimal balance and burn their karma through the disciplined practice of yoga.